Keynote – Philip Wollen

Ethics, Truth and Folly……….Occam’s Razor and the New Swiss Army Knife

Philip draws on his past experience as a merchant banker and his current vocation as a “Venture Capitalist for Good Causes” to build his “Kindness Sans Frontiers” initiative, supporting some 500 projects in 40 countries. He examines the challenges facing the environment and the existential threat to human and non-human survival. His footprints cross the borders of nations, religions, politics and ideologies. But they also cross the bloodiest border of all. The border of species


Philip Wollen, at 34 was Vice-President of Citibank.The Financial Press named him in the “Top 40 Brightest and Best” executives in Australia.During his travels, he witnessed cruelty so egregious he decided to do all he could to alleviate suffering, and give away everything he owned – with warm hands – and die broke. He jokes “So far, we are right on budget!”

Today, he is a “Venture Capitalist for Good Causes”, supporting some 500 mission-critical projects for children, animals and the environment in 40+ countries. He is the Patron and Ambassador for many international groups.His words have been read by millions around the world. His speeches have gone viral on the internet with millions of viewers and independently translated into over 20 languages.